Here at The Giving Experts, we take our charities seriously. We have spent countless hours pouring through portfolios of charities around the world. We rely on Charity Navigator to view all their financial statements to better understand how they use their income. Therefore, an “Approved Charity” with us means they meet all of the following requirements.

5 key points each charity/program must meet:

  1. They must have an approval rating on Charity Navigator of at least 3 stars.
  2. Must be 95% transparent in their documentation
  3. They must use 70% or more of their income for their programs
  4. Administrative Costs cannot exceed 20% of their budget
  5. Their leadership (CEO, CFO, etc) cannot make over $200,000/year

Contact us if you have a request to add a charity. Please understand they must meet the above requirements. As a result, this ensures we are giving to ethical and honest programs that are actually out helping the world. Above all we will always keep our standards high so that you can purchase your products with confidence.

Contact us at: to add on a charity that meets these requirements.