We’re here to help not only maintain the beauty of our diverse world but to help it thrive and grow. The Giving Experts is a childhood dream becoming a reality. We wanted to make the world a better place, to nurture the animals of the world and to make a difference. Now we’re all grown up and guess what, the dream is coming true!

Every purchase made at The Giving Experts gives at least 15% to one of our approved charities. As we grow and more people purchase products at our site, the higher those giving-percentages will get!

Our products are sourced from small businesses, artists, and even some third-world small businesses. Along your shopping journey, you’ll be supporting real people, with real dreams and you’ll be helping their dreams come true. Each company has between 5-50 employees and you’re helping them as well. Those charities we give to…you guessed it! You’re helping them as well!

The upsides of giving back are well-documented. Research has shown it can contribute to lower blood pressure and a longer life. But the desire to help your favorite causes can also be frustrating when you can’t send a large donation, you don’t have a lot of time to volunteer, and you haven’t had time to research the charities. 
The good news: this is what we do!

Snoop through our colorfulhumorous and unique products, knowing that you’re making the right choice. You’re making a difference. You’re making the world a better place!